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Game Design

Our workers are trained in game development after completing their courses they have knowledge in c# and unity software. This allows our workers to know how to code and script games to develop them into interactive and motion graphics.


Our animators are creative visuals they can bring motion and movement to life and apply this successfully to animation and cartoon sequences.

Web Design

Our web development team can do a complete build and also offer to perform maintenance duties for your website. Using your visual identity or completely starting fresh we can use our software to create and get the domain you are wanting and get the site from a thought to a live site on the internet!

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are able to take a vision and bring this to life, using a range of software from adobe suite. We can redesign and inspire a new visual identity for your brand and business, this ranges from logo design to a different color scheme for your visual identity.

Premium Banner

Premium Banner gives you a wide range of styles and options that you will definitely fall in love with

Product Design


Korou Digital offers a variety of digital products using the skills learnt from the training provided. Digital creatives at Korou are trained in: 

We help you grow

  • Art/Visual design
  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Audio/Music/Sound Engineering
  • Production
  • Game Development
  • Camera/Visuals
  • Post Production/Edit/VFX
  • Delivery
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Website Design & Development
  • Information Technology
  • Operations
  • Delivery Platform
  • Te Reo
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